It’s like a horror movie – woodstove fires, ice dams, frozen pipes, slips and falls – my God, when will it stop! Actually, this is all just a day in my life. I love the winter. I love to ski. However, these other “perils” we can all live without. The funny thing is, [...]

PREVENT A ROOF COLLAPSE…using pantyhose???

With the snow already on our roofs and the forecast for rain, collapse is a real concern. I have pasted an Article below which has some good ideas on how to prevent collapse and Ice Dams. Most homeowners policies cover you for collapse (Form 1, HO-1, FL-1, DF-1 do not), but no one [...]

Another satisfied client…

Thanks to everyone for your help. They [parents] are very happy with all of you…as am I. Very much appreciated for the service. That’s truly what’s sets you apart and why I didn’t hesitate to recommend you. Talk soon. Tom Thomas Fucito, CPA Shallo, Galluscio, Bianchi & Fucito, CPA, PC Main Street, Cairo [...]

Are you guilty of Distracted Driving?

It's more than just texting while's anything that takes your eyes off the road. Would you drive with your eyes closed? Too scary...but that is what it's like. Take a look at this video. Also, new teen driver in the house? Let them...require them to watch these clips provided to us by [...]

Did you know… Paying your insurance premiums late can cost you money?

I see it time and time again, clients paying their premiums after the due date, but before the cancellation date. It's a bad habit and a good one to break. Technically, your payment reaches the company "in time", but did you know the insurance company frowns on this practice? So how does this [...]


Did you know if you have a smart phone, you can use it as a scanner? Well not exactly, but if you have a non-legal document you need to send to someone, why not take a picture of it, crop it and email it? Of course you could feed it through your scanner [...]